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Welcome to Suas Climbing Center, Co Clare’s / Limerick’s premier facility for climbing, bouldering, and fitness. We’re so glad you found us! We have a lot to offer, so there’s a lot to learn. In order to make you at ease on your first visit we have answered some common questions below.

Every climber has to fill out the liability waiver form before their first climb.  To speed up the registration process you can fill out the form online before your first visit.

Under 18 years old? Minors have to have the liability waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian, either online or on site.

Entry rates at Suas Climbing Centre apply to climbing for a whole day. (Note these prices are for experienced climbers. Are you new to climbing? just wan’t to give it a try, check out our taster sessions.)

  • Registration €5


  • Adult Daypass €11
  • Bouldering Daypass €8
  • Student / U18 Daypass €8

For Regular Rock Hounds 1, 3, 6 and 12 Monthly are available which are much more cost effective. PRICES

We also rent out equipment should you require

  • Shoes €3
  • Harness €3
  • Belay Set €3
  • Combo Deal €5
  • Rope €8 (for Lead) top ropes are provided

So you wish to try your hand at rock climbing? wondering what all the fuss is about.

Don’t worry we have you covered. Simply book one of our taster classes. These popular classes will give you a fun introduction to the world of climbing. All equipment os provided and our expert staff will look after you for the hour long session. During the session you will have the opportunity to try roped climbing and some bouldering (climbing without ropes) at the end.

The taster is just the start of your journey, we will advise you of the progression steps at the end of your session, so you might progress to a fully self sufficient climber.

Be warned It is addictive.

Sporty / Loose clothing is all you need to bring. Climbing shoe rental is available if necessary.

YES! Suas Climbing Centre offers routes designed for every skill level.  From newbies to the competitive climber, you will find exciting and challenging routes everywhere.

Everyone’s needs are different, yet we all benefit from getting into shape and having some fun while you’re at it.

With our ever changing problems, a little sweat on the brow and a bit of help from our experienced staff, your climbing skills can reach new heights.  Your muscles might be pumped, the skin on your fingers might be a bit raw, and that glass of water might be shaking in the hand but that’s the reason we climb.

Climbing can be addictive. You have been warned!

Suas Climbing Centre welcomes kids!  From ages 6+, your little monkeys can enjoy plenty or routes designed just for them.

Please note that all kids must be supervised at all times.

7-13 years: the allowed ratio is 2 kids per supervising adult.

***if you are climbing, you are not supervising.

6 years and under: the allowed ratio is 1 kid per supervising adult.

***if you are climbing, you are not supervising. all kids 6 years and under must be within arms length of their supervisor, at all times!

Specific Kids Sessions

Climbing is an excellent physical activity to challenge your mind and your body.  It’s an awesome way to de-stress after a long day of work, hang out with some friends or simply be in a positive and motivating environment.